Sunday Trailers: “Wildling”

Here at HAHC headquarters, we love spending our lazy Sundays watching new(ish) trailers to upcoming horror releases. Normally, this leads to discovering films we are excited to see, or decide to take a hard pass on until further notice. However, in the case of the ad wizards that crafted the trailer IFC’s upcoming film Wildling, the trailer seems to all but have spoiled what looked like a very promising film. Boasting genre veterans like Liv Tyler and Brad Douriff, and what looks like a break out performance by newcomer Bel Powley, the acting and imagery of the trailer are compelling, only to be cut down by the closing moments seemingly giving away a major plot twist. Consider this a warning! Wet your beak with the first thirty seconds or so, then turn this sucker off to wait until the film’s release on April 13th.